The CLIM-CAP consortium covers the range of skills and expertise needed to develop, promote and execute vocational training, including the application of new learning techniques. Partners with expert knowledge in climate change and adaptation are complemented by partners experienced in communication and dissemination. Consequently, the different tasks are divided between the partners according to their individual expertise. Several partners, such as TCPA and UPC, have extensive experience in European projects whereas others, such as EK, are also working on other Leonardo da Vinci projects. The coordinating partner, RUB, will be the main content provider for the training programme and partners WBS and AKA bring practical experience in setting up and managing vocational training courses.

The experience of the partners enables the consortium to build upon practical experience concerning

  1. the conditions and demands of planning policies and processes for climate change,
  2. the technical issues in climate adaptation implementation,
  3. the competence in market analysis and training needs of the target groups, and
  4. the demands of the key actors in this field.

All partners have a proven record in setting up new and innovative training courses (WBS, AKA) or in urban climatic research and practice (RUB, TCPA, EK, UPC). In addition to the content related experience, some partners (WBS, AKA) will be able to infuse their experience into the CLIM-CAP project regarding quality assessment and standardisation.