The CLIM-CAP target group comprises professionals in the field of construction, architecture and planning and other built environment professions. This target audience will significantly profit from the project results since deficits in planning related aspects with regard to climate change, conflict moderation and knowledge management will be addressed by the final CLIM-CAP training course. These issues are of utmost relevance since planning processes are complex and the interests of planners, investors, politicians and others differ significantly.

CLIM-CAP will be able to foster job creation in two ways: on the one hand the actors in the regional to local planning sector will be qualified which creates new job opportunities for young academics that still lack such specific training. On the other hand CLIM-CAP fosters the climate adaptation sector as a whole by enhancing the sector´s growth through carrying out high-quality consultancy services. These two relevant aspects clearly address the Europe 2020 “Agenda for new skills and jobs”.